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Take a trip to paradise at Southern Touch ....
Massage Services
           Swedish Massage           Deep Tissue Massage
       Pre-Natal Massage         Hot Stone Therapy
Massage Rates
                  30 Minutes $45.00               45 Minutes $65.00
                  60 Minutes $85.00               75 Minutes $105.00
                 90 Minutes $125.00              Add $20.00 for Hot Stone Therapy
Spa Services
Body Scrub    $60.00
The Body Scrubs are Designed to exfoliate and reveal a more youthful look and feel to the skin. An application of body butter completes this ultra hydrating treatment.
Body Wraps    $85.00
Detoxifying Seaweed Wrap
Sea algae stimulates circulation to assist with the elimination of toxins and renew your skin. A scalp and facial massage completes this luxurious treatment.
Hydrating Mud Wraps
Renew your skin with this ultra hydrating wrap that refines and softens your skin. A scalp and facial massage completetes this luxurious treatment.
Choose from Black Baltic or  Rose Clay
You can even customize your wrap or scrub with Aromatherapy oils including:
Grapefruit   Mango Mandarin
Apricot        Pomegranate/cranberry
Coconut         Pina Colada
Coconut Cocoon    $250.00
For the ultimate spa experience, begin with a luxurious Coconut Body Scrub followed by a hydration Mud Wrap. Finish with a warm pure coconut oil massage.
Sea, Sand and Stone    $250.00
Begin with a salt glow scrub to renew your skin followed with a seaweed wrap and ending with a one hour Hot Stone massage.
Tranquility for Two    $170.00
Share the ultimate relaxation with a close friend, family member or significant other while two therapists perform simultaneous massage.
Our packages could be the perfect gift for that special  someone!
Body Wrap and 1 hr. massage $160.00
Body Scrub and Wrap    $140.00
Body Scrub and 1 hr. massage $135.00
We also offer off site chair Massage for
corporate events & special occasions.
$100.00 per hour, per therapist.
Gift Certificates Available
For an appointment call 203 627-1004
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